The Lars Jacobsen Trio's debut album, "Evolving: A Lucid Dream", is now available on Bandcamp!


Photos by  Russ Rowland

Photos by Russ Rowland



A San Francisco native, composer, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Lars Jacobsen has lived and worked in NYC for over 20 years. During this time he has shared the stage with many accomplished and prominent musicians and ensembles in a variety of styles, including Norah Jones, Erin and Her Cello, J. Walter Hawkes, Patience Higgins, Nicholas Walker, Pete Smith, Amanda Monaco, J.C. Hopkins Biggish Band, and more. Lars co-leads Jupiter Sextant with Gabe Shuford (keyboards/piano), a duo with John Bollinger (drums) and a dynamic trio with Shuford and Bollinger. Their trio debut album is due out in the Summer of 2017.



Lars Jacobsen Trio

This trio's first album finds them creating exciting, spontaneous compositions. In creating their unique sound, the Trio draws on their experience in a wide variety of musical settings. Gabe Shuford is a highly accomplished renaissance and baroque harpsichordist, classical pianist, and jazz keyboardist, with a Doctorate in Early Music from Stony Brook University, and has worked with Repast, Erin and Her Cello, Dorian, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, and many more. John Bollinger is a dynamic and versatile drummer, who has toured and recorded with various rock, jazz and avant-pop groups including Sway Machinery, Barbez, Mudville, and many more.